Quality Coatings                                   of Virginia

It's Not Just Our Name

Blasting and Painting

It Starts With Meticulous Surface Preparation...

State-of-the-art technologies  using all types of abrasives.

All equipment meets or exceeds all OSHA, NIOSH and EPA Pollution Abatement requirements.

Abrasive Blasting Advantages:

  • Surface profile/anchor patterns are easily obtained.
  • Fast and thorough surface preparation.
  • Prepares surfaces to four universally accepted degrees of cleanliness.
  • Cleans areas that are typically inaccessible.







... Then Our Skilled Craftsmen Finish the Job to Your Exacting Standards

Application of a wide range of marine and industrial coatings, linings, and specialty products.

Our Expertise includes all standard and complex coating systems.

We are committed to the perfect application of the correct coatings for the appropriate type of substrate, service and exposed environment.

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