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Commitment to Excellence



Quality Assurance Program

(QA) - Our process of verifying or determining whether services meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.  QA is a process-driven approach with specific steps to help define and attain goals. Quality Coatings applies a rigorous four-step process called the PDCA model, to evaluate every job it does.

PLAN: Establish objectives and processes required to deliver the desired results.

DO: Implement the process developed

CHECK: Monitor and evaluate the implemented process by testing the results against predetermined objectives.

ACT: Apply actions necessary for improvement if the results require changes.

CHI Certified Safety Program 

Our Safety Department reinforces our commitment to a safe and productive work environment through :

  • Continuous Safety training and enforcement of safety rules.
  • Weekly safety meetings.
  • Toolbox training
  • Training in SOP for all equipment.
  • Job specific hazardous risk assessments that are relayed to our Production Staff before every individual job.









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